2001 Triflo 2500 recycler

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Tri-Flo 2500 Reclaim System:

The equipment is based upon the highly successful Tri-Flo 2500 Gallon Mud System which has the following advantages:

Main Benefits:

Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling mud’s.

Reduces cost of supplying fresh mud.

Avoids cost of disposing of liquid waste.

Cut point of 16 micron removes particles which damage triplex pumps, whilst leaving the useful

bentonite particles in suspension for re-use.

The discharge from the cleaner is virtually dry, dramatically reducing disposal costs.

Reliable and durable design, based on 20 years of field experience worldwide.

Detailed process features:

Pre-screening of the returned mud using a Tri-Flo 126 Shale Shaker.

This can handle a throughput of 350 US gpm (1300 litres/min) and is designed to remove particles down to 178 microns. The “High G” elliptical shaker action produces a virtually dry product discharged from the top of the screen.

Secondary cleaning of the returned mud using a Tri-Flo 6 x 4″ Mud Cleaner.

Tri-Flo 2500 Gal Recycling System ( Military hitch)

The mud is pumped through a bank of Tri-Flo 4″ Hydrocyclones where the larger particles are separated out by centrifugal force. The system is capable of a throughput of 350 USgpm (1300 litres/min) and is designed to remove particles down to 16 microns. The larger particles are contained within a slurry which is passed over a second Tri-Flo 126 shaker with a finer screen, which again produces a virtually dry product.

Integral mixing system using a Tri-Flo 3″ Jet Mixing Hopper.

This system allows fresh mud to be prepared very rapidly from bentonite powder. One of the three pumps is dedicated to this function allowing continuous mixing or recirculation as required. .

Large capacity storage facility.

A total of 2500 US gallons is provided, with a division separating the clean mud from the dirty mud in the ratio 60:40.

This provides the optimum balance for most drilling operations.

Integral charge pump to supply clean mud back to the drilling rig.

This provides a continuous supply of clean mud under pressure to the high pressure mud pump, avoiding problems of starvation and cavitation which can rapidly cause damage.


Output: Up to 350 US gpm (1300 litres/min)

Cut Point: 16 microns

Dimensions: 3500L x 2500W x 2955H

Capacity: 2500 US gallons (9,500 litres)

Pumps: Three 3 x 4″ centrifugal pumps with 22kW motors

Power: Integral control panel for all electrical functions.

350 gpm

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