Allied Equipment and Locators

Allied equipment and locators currently listed:

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Equipment TypeManufacturerModelYearPrice
QuikoneSingle Cone Rock Bit2011$2,250View This Product
Digitrak0$995View This Product
DRR & MK II remoteDigitrakMK III0$6,400View This Product
locatorSubsite752 Tracker 2010$5,500View This Product
LocatorSubsite750 TKR2010$7,500View This Product
locatorDigitrakyellow sonde0$1,295View This Product
locatorDigitrakRed long range sonde0$1,995View This Product
locatorDigitrakMK I0$2,995View This Product
locatorDigitrakMK I0$2,495View This Product
locatorSubsite750 Tracker2008$4,900View This Product
Mud pumpFMCQ161996$169,000View This Product
Mud pumpFMCQ160$145,000View This Product
reamer 12in fluted packer with swivelvermeer24x402009$795View This Product
sonde reddigital controldx2000$1,795View This Product
Steering ToolTensor0$32,500View This Product

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