About Us

About Us

Directional Technology Company was incorporated in 1995, and is engaged in the sale and service of directional drilling equipment worldwide. Its offices are located at 2600 Sunshine Canyon Dr., Boulder, Colorado, 80302, USA. The company works with equipment dealers, banks, finance companies, and private concerns in the remarketing of directional drills and related equipment.

The company employs seven people, with its principal officer being Clark R. Stevens. Mr. Stevens has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of construction equipment for 35 years. Before founding Directional Technology Co. he was the President of Ardco Industries, Houston, Texas, a manufacturer of drilling equipment.

The company has sold thousands of drills since its inception, and is considered the largest American exporter of used/refurbished directional drilling equipment. Its staff is well versed in international banking and shipping, having done business on every continent except Antarctica.

For further information on the company's history or capabilities, please call Clark Stevens at (303) 939-9966.

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